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Who We Are

About The Loan Oak Sunflower Farm & Corn Maze

a man driving a tractor in a field

Welcome to The Lone Oak Sunflower Farm & Corn Maze!

The farm is owned and operated by Matt and April Bobby. In 2014 Matt and April purchased the nearly 19 acre farm located in New Boston Michigan.  Since owning the farm, soybeans were grown and harvested by an outside farmer.  

April has always had a dream of having a sunflower farm.  Finally in 2020 Matt retired from public safety and in 2021 the two planted their first sunflowers marking their fist successful sunflower season.  

After the first season was over they decided to add additional activities to make the farm more family friendly.  They decided to add various farm theme games as well as a corn maze.    

They are allowing visitors to cut their own sunflowers as well as ready cut sunflowers for those who do not wish to cut their own.  They are putting in various pods where there will be different scenes setup for photography.   

This page will have updates on the progress of the flowers and when they will be able to open to the public.  For this first “trial run” at farming on their own, they decided to sell the “cut your own” sunflowers for only a dollar each (NO LIMIT).    

Please like, follow and share our Facebook page with your friends and family for updates.